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The Handjdrök Collection
Every hand has its own individual character

I was commissioned to develop the brand identity for a new venture by ceramic artist Cindy Heldens. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Cindy conceptualized The Handjdrök Collection. In a time when handshaking was discouraged, she sought an alternative way to capture this human connection. Her ingenious solution involved crafting small clay tubes, inviting each person she met to leave their handprint in the clay.

Thus, The Handjdrök Collection came to life. We collaborated on this project to encapsulate her vision in a unique brand identity. The design exudes an organic and handcrafted charm, echoing the essence of her creations. We chose a colour palette that mirrors the hues of her ceramic pieces. To ensure a harmonious brand image, we paired this with minimalist and elegant typography, achieving a balanced and distinctive visual identity.

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