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Serve the kitchen

Chaud Devant is a Major player in the clothing industry for the hospitality branch. It is a family company, and as soon as the daughter took over, she thought it was time for a
re-branding. The current identity was too old-fashioned, and she wanted to take the brand to the next level with a new, modern look.

For this project, they gave me carte blanche - the brand had to be modern and high-end again. So for me, this was a dream project.

I’ve created a minimal and sophisticated look which suits perfectly fashion industry.

The logo, colour pallet, and photography give the brand a luxurious feeling and show the high quality of Chaud Devant’s products. I’ve created the brand guidelines and translated this into different assets to give the client a better understanding of the possibilities they have with the new brand identity and make it more tangible.

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